Best Funtouch OS 11 has improvements that prepare Vivo for global success

Funtouch OS 11 has improvements that prepare (2)

The rapid adoption of Funtouch OS 11 is intend to solidify Vivo’s position as a leading global smartphone brand Funtouch OS 11 has improvements.

Provides a highly personalized experience for everyone with a multitude of new features and improvements that enhance the Funtouch user experience without being gimmicky or superficial.

The designing from the ground up to offer a unique Funtouch experience, with faster UI transitions, more intuitive interfaces, and hidden features that enhance the overall Funtouch OS user experience.

Design for global success, offering comprehensive support of 13 different languages out-of-the-box.

Funtouch is already successful in overseas markets and Funtouch OS 11 brings the Funtouch experience to more people than ever before.

Offers a new notification panel with weather integration and more intuitive gesture features.

significantly improved its one-handed mode, adding even more functionality than previous generations of Funtouch OS. Funtouch OS 11 brings Funtouch’s popular smart app launcher and notification panel to Funtouch OS for the first time.

Funtouch OS 11 has improvements that prepare

The Funtouch UI is now more intuitive, with Funtouch’s new smart app drawer presenting apps in a simple grid layout, complete with previews of what you’ve been doing with each app.

The users can now reply to messages directly from Funtouch’s multi-tasking screen with Funtouch OS 11, which will automatically open the message that prompted Funtouch Multi-task.

OS has improved its one-handed mode, adding more functionalities than the previous generation Funtouch OS.

lets Funtouch users set a Funtouch key that enables Funtouch’s one-handed mode, which changes Funtouch’s display to make it easier to use with just one hand.


The new screen size adjustment feature allows Funtouch users to increase or decrease the Funtouch display size with a simple swipe gesture, perfect for fitting Funtouch’s display into any Funtouch hand.

Further optimized Funtouch gestures for even faster access to Funtouch functions and Funtouch apps.

Funtouch users can now activate Funtouch multitasking by simply swiping up from the bottom of the Funtouch display, Funtouch users can also access Funtouch notifications directly from Funtouch multi-tasking.

Takes Funtouch to the next level with Bokeh effects in camera and photo gallery apps, Funtouch has added bokeh effects to its built-in Funtouch Gallery App and Funtouch camera for Funtouch selfies, Funtouch pictures, and Funtouch videos.

Funtouch OS 11 also introduces a Funtouch voice recorder app, which lets Funtouch users record high-quality audio with a simple touch of a button.

Features I love in Funtouch OS 11

Visual Appearance

Devices with a large display have become very popular. The 10,000 mAh-battery smartphone Oukitel K10000 is a good example of that shift in the electronics industry, while it has been criticizing for its bulky size and plastic case.

The Elephone P9000 employs a similar design philosophy, thus being both praise and criticized for its design choices. But let’s take a look at Oukitel K6000 Pro for now.

It has two screens, one LCD display on the front and an e-ink screen on the back that can be use to read books or RSS fees even when the battery is flat.

Technically this allows you to do twice as much with one charge.

Very similar to Oukitel K6000 Pro is the Alcatel Pop 4S and its sister, Alcatel Pop 4+, which both feature a second display at the back.

The latter has an even higher resolution (1,280 x 720) screen with 400 nits of brightness and works as a notification LED as well.

vivo V5 Plus

The Vivo V5 Plus has a brand new concept that makes the back of the device look like a mirror when turned off.

The company claims that they have used some sort of magic trick for this purpose, but in reality, it’s nothing more than glass with special properties. This type of craftsmanship can be seen on many other devices as well, such as the Xiaomi Mi MIX or Honor Magic.

However, new technology has been creating that takes smartphone design to a whole new level. Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed “smart skin” which allows you to control virtually any surface with your fingers.

The technology is similar to many flexible OLED displays already available on the market, but it can stretch to more than 100 times its original size without losing its ability to produce pixels.

The material is also extremely light (less than 0.5 mm thick)

Capable of detecting pressure, temperature, humidity, pH value, or the presence of common chemicals like alcohol or glucose.

Funtouch OS 11 Personalization options

So Funtouch OS is a Freetech OS-base operating system for smartphones, which runs on Xiaomi Mi2S and Oppo Find 5 currently.

Funtouch OS adds new features to Android Freetech’s Funtouch OS has been update from version 1 to version 11 in just 10 months’ time!

Funtouch OS 11 Personalization options

In the video above Mr. Liu Tao, the Funtouch OS Project Manager shows us Funtouch v11 features in detail.

After Funtouch OS 1 the team Freetech gave Funtouch personalization options a big update.  Funtouch 11 brings lots of new features to give you even more customization capabilities on Funtouch OS.

 You can enable Funtouch features with the Funtouch activation app, which you can get on the Freetech forum.  

Improvements that prepare

once the app is install you will be prompteing to activate Funtouch OS when powering up your Funtouch phone for the first time.

Adding Funtouch Style in settings > Additional Settings, Funtouch 11 bring Funtouch F-style, Fstyle with Fstyle manager and F-style box with Fstyle manager.

Additional Settings

Step 1:  Go to Funtouch Setting > Additional Settings

Step 2:  Click on FStyle and set your custom style and wallpaper.

You can download various styles from the Freetech forum.   You can also download Funtouch Fstyle manager and FStyle box Manager from the Freetech forum.

Step 3:    Funtouch Fstyle Manager, you can download it from either of the following links:

Funtouch Fstyle Box Manager, you can download it from either of the following links:

      Go to Funtouch Setting > Fstyle Box, click Fstyle box to open FStyle box manager. You can download Funtouch Fstyle Box FManager from the following link:

Step 4:  After you install FStyle manager and FStyle box Manager you will be prompting to create a setup password.  

After that, you will use the same password to access the FStyle manager and FStyle box Manager.

Step 5:   Funtouch Fstyle manager, you can download it from either of the following links:

Style Box Manager, you can download Funtouch OS 11 has improvements it from either of the following links:

Features include the following are what is new in Funtouch OS v11 Fstyle Funtouch Style Window FStyle Funtouch Style Status FStyle Funtouch Style Notification FStyle Funtouch Style Widget, including clock widgets and weather widgets Some of the style icons are similar to MIUI Style.

App circle menu  You can download apps in app circle from App Center > All Pack > Funtouch OS v11 Fstyle Fapp Center Fstyle Funtouch OS Fstyle style. You can also download some of the style icons from App Center > All Pack > Funtouch OS v11 Fstyle to change to MIUI look.