Best Android phones in 2022

Best Android phones in 2022

It’s a world full of Android smartphones that are quite different from Apple’s offerings best Android phones in 2022.

While Apple is aiming to provide an identical experience across all of its phones, Android embraces variety and provides phones from various brands. It’s the result of different features and characters to choose from.

Personal brand preferences play a significant aspect, apart from the fundamental Android experience. Pricing is competitive and gives you a wide range of options.

We’re always reviewing all the best options available Here’s our list of the top Android phones that you can purchase today – along with the reasons they merit your attention.

For those in need of some help choosing their favorite make sure to check out the FAQs section in our suggestions.

The best Android phones for 2022

  1. Google Pixel 6 Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  3. Oppo Find X5 Pro
  4. OnePlus 10 Pro
  5. OnePlus 9
  6. Oppo Find X5

Best Android phones: Our top pick

Google Pixel 6 Pro


  • Top-notch camera performance
  • Proper Android 12 experience
  • Stylish design


  • There is no headphone socket
  • The charging process could be speedier
Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s most powerful smartphone to the present. It’s got the top camera system that is paired with top-quality software. It’s also quick thanks to the latest Tensor processor at the heart of it.

Like the majority of Google phones, you’ll get the full Android experience, as well as a reliable schedule for updates to come.

One of the most remarkable things is the price. While it’s able to compete with the best on the field, it does so at a considerably lower cost.

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We also suggest Android phones.

Although we think that Google Pixel 6 Pro is the top choice on our list, we are aware that it’s not the best phone for every person. We all want various things on a phone. Perhaps you require high-end quality gaming, or perhaps the most important thing you want is camera quality. To help you with that we’ve selected the following products for you to think about.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


  • A bright, vibrant screen that has an adaptive refresh
  • Its integrated S Pen stylus looks awesome
  • Great camera performance


  • Pricey
  • Software may not be free of bugs
  • Battery life should be more durable.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

There aren’t many smartphones that come to that offer the S22’s unique blend of top features and specs. With the introduction to S Pen this year, it is taking over the role previously that was held by the Note series.

It’s got one of the most impressive displays we’ve seen on a smartphone and it’s housed in an elegantly designed however, it’s quite a large body. There’s something distinctive with the squared corner that is flat on the top and bottom edge, as well as the round sides. It’s distinct and the camera’s style is also fantastic.

It’s what you’d expect from a premium flagship. Somewhat on the costly side, and its battery isn’t performing as well under heavy load as you’d expect from the presumed ‘king’ of smartphones.

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Oppo Find X5 Pro


  • Stunning design
  • Great display
  • The battery life of our batteries is the best on the market.


  • Expensive
  • The material is slippery and attracts fingerprints easily
  • Ultrawide camera’s performance is not consistent
Oppo Find X5 Pro

We are awestruck by Oppo’s strategy for the ultra-premium category, providing an aesthetic that is different from the rest.

Not only does it eliminate glass to make way for stronger ceramic that is more durable, but it has also made the back of the phone seamless. It’s been molded and made into one with the camera protrusion, which ramps up from the rear.

With stunning displays, amazing battery life, and robust cameras, you’ve got one of the top smartphones that you can buy. Additionally, it comes with lightning-fast wired and wireless charging.

There are some doubts about the software however, overall this is a phone that we think will leave anyone who is looking for a top flagship truly content.

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OnePlus 10 Pro


  • Excellent price for a top phone
  • Performance that is fast and responsive
  • Bright, sharp LCD with adaptive refresh


  • Battery life could be improved
  • The camera’s performance could be improved

Now we know that OnePlus is now officially a part of Oppo Oppo is now officially a single company The OnePlus 10 Pro will be an equivalence of the Oppo Find X5 Pro “lite’. It has several of the same features, and has like software, but costs less.

Its QuadHDPlus resolution screen, which comes with 120Hz adaptive refresh and fantastic dynamic brightness, it’s one of the most impressive displays available. Furthermore, with OnePlus’s emphasis on delivering the fastest and most smooth experience, it’s extremely fast and responsive.

We were surprised that the battery’s life wasn’t as good as the Find X5 Pro, and the cameras aren’t as sharp however it’s an all-rounder that’s very comprehensive and is backed by ongoing software updates for four years.

OnePlus 9


  • Super quick charging
  • Impressive performance
  • Also, there is wireless charging


  • Plastic frame
  • Wireless charging can be done with only 15W

It’s the OnePlus 9 is our pick as it provides a fantastic experience for a very affordable cost. Since it’s not the latest version and it’s been priced down since its launch the phone is available to pick for a very competitive price. cost.

It is a great performer and features the soft-touch OxygenOS software, really rapid charging, and an amazing 120Hz display. It also has some minor cuts to the build quality to achieve an affordable price.

Oppo Find X5


  • Gorgeous design and form
  • Bright and vivid display
  • A strong battery’s performance
  • Quick charger (adapter included)


  • Snapdragon 888 is previous-gen hardware
  • The display/bezel design seems a bit old-fashioned

The Oppo Find X5 is perhaps one of those phones that taking a look at the numbers on the specification sheet might not be the best method to evaluate the phone. Since it only comes with the Full HD screen and an old Snapdragon 888 processor, however, the user experience, in general, is a positive one.

The shape and the finish of the glass back are soft, easy to hold, and do not draw fingerprints. The cameras perform well in bright daylight. The screen is vibrant and vivid and the overall feeling is of a soft and responsive phone that can take on any task.

If you’re willing to sacrifice certain of the features provided with the Find X5 Pro, the standard Find X5 is worth looking into.

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Other products we have considered

To determine what we consider to be the top Android phones available today We spent hours testing performance including battery life, gaming, and battery life while also going out on the streets and taking pictures. We then review the results using a fine-tooth comb. We look at a range of elements when recommending devices, and when a new gadget is included in our top five list. This isn’t only our testing either, but also consumer reviews, brand reputation, and value is taken into consideration addition.

In our entire roundups, we’ve also included several products we test that do not make it to the top of our list. Because they might be suitable for certain people However, we’ve included them in the following list.

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Google Pixel 4A 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
  • OnePlus Nord 2
  • Sony Xperia 5 II
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

How do you choose the best Android phone

There’s more to consider when choosing the right Android phone than just picking an iPhone The Apple divisions revolve generally based on the size as all models offer the same experience as well as a handful of distinctive characteristics.

Android phones are distinct: there are numerous brands, some of which are well-known and some that are less well-known There is a broad variety of designs, price features, and designs – even phones that are specific like gaming phones for instance.

Stock Android vs. ‘skinned’ devices

One aspect to think about is the level of closeness to the stock Android you would like your phone to appear. Although the majority of Android voices share the same basic experience The modifications made by the manufacturer will add character, but it can also result in the possibility of duplication and overkill.

Google provides its phones which are called Pixel phones and only a handful of them provide the “pure” experience. These phones that run Android One are as close to stock as they come and include phones made by Nokia as well as a few from other brands, though they’re rare.

Motorola also provides a stock experience on its smartphones but Lenovo offers a different experience (Lenovo is the owner of Motorola).

Brands have been generally moving toward Google over the past few years. There is greater usage of Google’s stock applications instead of duplicated versions, in addition to the use of features such as Google Discover on the home screen to boost the user experience.

The user’s skin and the brand determine the user experience with OnePlus generally regarded as easy to use and well optimized as well as Samsung’s sophisticated reworking, which is loaded with options. Brands such as Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi (and earlier Huawei) are generally regarded as less sophisticated with software, yet they usually offer more quality for the money.

Hardware-related considerations

Android phones can cover every aspect of hardware, however, two categories are the subject of most debate the flagship, and not a flagship.

This gap has decreased recently as mid-range smartphones offer more of the experience of flagships, which means that all the everyday experiences can be enjoyed on a low-cost device as they would be on a top-of-the-line phone.

Qualcomm is the dominant brand in the devices, including Snapdragon 800 series being the highest level and the 700 series at a tier below this. We’re seeing updated versions of the 800-series hardware appearing in the latest devices as sub-flagships however some models will utilize older hardware, making them more value for money.

Samsung is the most notable outsider in this, usually using the company’s exclusive Exynos hardware, though it may contain a mix between Qualcomm and Exynos as well. Huawei also has its Kirin hardware, but generally speaking, it isn’t able to make use of Google and isn’t regarded to be an Android phone in the same manner.

There are numerous low-cost Android phones, with some sporting inferior Qualcomm hardware, while others use MediaTek to bring the cost lower.

RAM capacity can go up to the absurd with up to 18GB of memory on certain gaming devices. Storage is priced in line with the price of microSD expansion available on certain models – however, not all.

The size of the display determines the size.

One of the biggest options is deciding on the right size device. The smaller devices will fit more comfortably in your hands, while larger devices provide a better gaming and media experience however they draw more energy.

Displays with high-end specs that were once only available on flagship models are now commonplace in lower-cost devices, where you can purchase an AMOLED display for less than premium costs. Samsung Display is usually considered the leading brand in the market and many companies claim that they have a Samsung display that will make you buy.

The refresh rate is the newest battlefield, ranging from 60 frames per second up to 144 fps on gaming phones. Most phones are currently settling between 90 and 120Hz. lower refresh rates are being reserved for phones with lower positioning.

Curves are not uncommon, but they’re slowly becoming the norm for top-of-the-line phones that have flat screens on the “normal” device and curved on the “pro” device. While curved displays look nice but some people might prefer the response of touch across the display better than an uncurved device.


The camera is among the most talked-about feature of modern smartphones and there’s plenty of scrutiny between different phones each claiming to be the top.

The most important factor is having the primary camera that can produce a quality image regardless of the weather – it’s the one you’ll be using the most often, therefore it’s the one that has to perform. There’s a lot that’s over-priced the high resolutions, high-quality sensors, and fancy features. The most important factor is the performance of a point-and-shoot and that’s why Pixel phones are often performing very well.

Camera performance is an important difference, with the top smartphones having superior cameras, while mid-range models often sporting secondary or tertiary sensors which don’t have the best quality or aren’t necessary.

Choose the right phone for you.

The great aspect of Android is it is that Google is the foundation for all Android and allows you to move from one friend to another in a flash, you’ll know where everything is, you’ll have access to your email and contacts, and still have many options.

The right phone for your budget is crucial but you must also think about the fact that you may not require all those features of the top models. If you only use your phone to send messages and for browsing social media Do you require four cameras in the back and all the power in the world?

If you’re spending all your gaming time then is a gaming phone best for you?

The most effective phone is likely to be the one that meets your needs the most effective. And while we evaluate and test every one of the Android phones we suggest, however, you must decide on the device that is right for you.

More information about this story

Each item on the list was tried in real-life scenarios, just like you’d apply it in everyday life.

A smartphone is something you’re using throughout the day, and all day long So we’ve tried every phone listed here extensively to test how they stack in real-world scenarios. We’ve tested battery life connectivity, gaming performance cameras, and all other things you could require to be aware of. We’ve also provided you with all the information you require to make an informed buying decision.

Like any other roundup, it’s not possible to create an ideal list for everyone We rely on the opinions and experiences of the whole team at Pocket-lint in addition to thoroughly analyzing the areas mentioned that we’ve mentioned above to be the best we can in this area.

The things we try to steer clear of when making our picks are unnecessary specifications comparisons and marketing jargon We simply want to give an easy to comprehend summary that gives an understanding of what each product offers. Our opinions are brief however this is only to keep it short. Be assured that everything in this list is thoroughly test-driven.